Who we are

Our Vision States: We live and breathe a culture of customer service that wildly exceeds everyone's expectations while creating opportunities for all.

Nothing has changed since 1977 when two young innovative landscape architects named Johnny Steele and Doug McDugald teamed up with David Newton to source cutting edge material for their Houston, Texas customers. Many years of growth saw operations expand to a second location in Houston, and a  great location in Austin.

Fast forward to 2009 with some new partners and the same vision. We are still working to exceed everyone's expectation but now find ourselves talking about people, processes and culture as we work even harder to set the standards in service, quality and selection when it comes to rewholesale landscape supply.

What we do

Our approach is to stock the kinds of landscape material that keep our customers coming back on a regular basis. We then differentiate ourselves from our competition by also bringing in material that just makes you say "wow" or "where did you find that" or even a "now that is cool". Once we have your interest in the plant material we carry or source for you, we wrap it up in service that is the best in the industry. Our people make the difference, our quality separates us from others and our locations make it convenient whether you want to come in to shop or have us deliver to your job site.

Why Choose us

We realize that as landscape contractors, architects and designers, you do have a choice in where you buy your landscape material and who serves you. We use our core values to take responsibility for our relationships and transactions when everything goes right or when we make mistakes that need to be corrected. Our ability to satisfy "you" is the benchmark we use to satisfy ourselves. Our passion runs as deep as our roots. Our solutions will help you grow your business. Our people will make it fun. Let us hear what you have to say today.

Did our name change?

We recognize that there has been some confusion with our name. For 25 plus years we were known as Newton Nursery. In 2008 David Newton, one of the original founders, decided it was time to retire. New partners Judy and Charles Tate entered the company on January 1st, 2009 along with original owner Johnny Steele and Taylor Moore. A decision was made to slowly drop the "ton" from Newton and emerge as New Nurseries. We are proud of our history and will always answer to Newton but over time New Nurseries will form new bonds with our existing and new customers. The name has slowly changed but great people working the best processes and producing the right results for our customers is now better than ever. We are thankful to have your business and look forward to earning it again and again as we become the problem solvers you can trust.